The Easy Slowfeeder is a handy hay slowfeeder for horses and ponies.

You open the handles, fill the hay net with roughage and close the handles again. Just a few seconds of work!

Feeding hay has never been so easy! This slow feeder is also good for your horse's digestion, you prevent stomach ulcers and colic and it ensures less boredom because your horse eats more slowly.

The hay net has meshes of 3 cm or 4,5 cm and is very sturdy.

You can also buy an Easy Slowfeeder frame for your own hay net, so that you can easily open, close and fill it!

The advantages of the Easy Slowfeeder are:

  • Horses take longer to eat, which is good for digestion
  • Less chance of colic and stomach ulcers
  • Less boredom
  • Roughage remains clean and is not wasted
  • Filling takes very little time
  • Strong and durable product
  • Takes up little space
  • Easy to install in 15 minutes.
  • Suitable for hanging outdoors, will not rust

The Easy Slowfeeder can be mounted on a wall of wood, plastic or stone in the horse stable or outside.

Do you want your horse to spend a long time on its roughage? But don't want to spend too much time on it?

Take a quick look in the webshop to see which Easy Slowfeeders are available!

If you have any questions about this practical hay net, please send an email to info@easyslowfeeder.nl

The webshop is in Dutch, so if you don't understand, you can also order by email!

Reviews from satisfied customers

Ronald: It's a super slow feeder

Saskia: Very happy with it, and ideal for my wreckers who don't leave a hay net intact

Kristel: Where I used to take half a wheelbarrow of silage or hay from the paddock, now that's only 1 shovel. They barely mess with it!

Aymee: I really like it and it is very easy to fill. Ideal for when I have to go to school early

Wendy: It saves a lot of time and I already regret not buying another one

Jolien: The Easy Slowfeeder is very easy to fill

Marjan: It's a super nice system


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